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The Path to the Deposy Product ID

The Path to the Deposy Product ID From the manufacturer request via the Deposy-NTA to the individual IOTA transaction The Deposy Product ID is a central component of the entire [...]
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Deposy NTA: Faster to Smart Products

Deposy NTA: Faster to Smart Products Before the new year is over here is a tech update from Deposy. Production processes of plastic parts evolve very rapidly. 10,000 plastic products [...]
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Deposy Publishes Roadmap

The Deposy project is flanked by working groups and interdisciplinary collaborations. The roadmap now published shows the most important milestones.

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Deposy – the smart deposit system based on IOTA

The strategy of Deposy – the deposit system based on IOTA – is to create added value for all stakeholders, i.e. the manufacturer, the distributor, the user and the recycler.

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Environmental Protection, Product Identity, Security and Trust with Deposy

The Deposy project wants to develop a deposit system to obtain sorted plastic waste.

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Product Identity with Deposy and Cooperation with Omoku and Lidbot

Deposy will be more than a deposit system to avoid plastic waste.

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Tackle plastic waste with IOTA

The amount of plastic waste on the planet is constantly increasing and, in addition to negative environmental influences, is now also affecting the health of many people. “Deposy” stands for “deposit system”.

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