In order to realize our innovations for the future, we need support. We would be glad if you want to help realize Deposy up to the test environment. The innovative distributed ledger technology IOTA can thus contribute to more environmental and climate protection.

With your support, Deposy, the innovative deposit system for plastic waste, can be realized. There is still a whole series of steps necessary to reach the goal. For example:

  • Development of the technical concept based on DLT / IOTA.
  • Definition of the interfaces of the subsystems
  • Elaboration of possible cooperations
  • Programming a test application based on IOTA
  • Construction of the deposit machine
  • Construction of a test system on a small scale

In addition to the construction of a test facility, of course, many discussions with stakeholders from politics and business are necessary. Both at international and national level

You can support us financially with the project. Deposy is a project of the BIOTA association. Your support goes directly into the project through the association.

Those who would like to support the association BIOTA e.V. on a regular basis and always want to be informed about the progress of the project, can become a member of our support group.

As it is a real use case of the innovative IOTA technology, we are also happy about any IOTA donation from the community.

IOTA adress: