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Deposy, the project of an innovative deposit return system (DRS) and a new way of dealing with waste, offers an update about the progress of the recent months. Due to the changes in the IOTA protocol towards the Shimmer update, Deposy also got behind schedule regarding the development steps.

However, further development has been carried out at various points with great success. The team designed an easy-to-use app for consumers to access the deposit return system.

deposy consumer app update

Deposit history, bonus points and donations

This app will guide the users of the Deposy deposit return system and offers many useful features. The deposit amount, which can be paid out in various ways, is clearly displayed in different units. Additionally, the app shows the bonus points that the user receives for each return of waste. These bonus points can be exchanged for e.g. discounts. Alternatively, they can be donated to environmental projects. These are presented within the app with an image and a “Donate” button. At this point in time, Deposy does not have cooperations with the displayed projects. They are shown merely for presentation purposes (even though they would fit very well).

Privacy and GDPR

Similar to the IOTA Foundation, we value privacy a lot. The app does not require a profile, unless the user wants to withdraw or send the funds.

CO2 savings

This app targets the increasingly important CO2 savings, that come with returning plastic waste and recycling it. A calculation model developed specifically for this app is used to display the CO2 savings. Deposy plans to make individual CO2 savings available via interfaces to other software environments, for determining an individual CO2 footprint.

Marketing and global visibility

The Deposy team has further optimized its own website for search engines since the last update. ranks consistently in top positions for relevant search terms around “deposit return system”.

Through this type of inbound marketing, new contacts have been established in Asia, North America and Europe. Several companies are interested in developing this technology. Discussions have also been held with a number of large companies in the German and European waste disposal industry.

The Deposy team is looking forward to the upcoming developments, especially the next updates, which are expected to finally bring smart contracts into the IOTA ecosystem.

Licensing model

Through negotiations with interested organizations, Deposy has updated their fee structure. Basically, it is a Software as a Service (Saas) model with different licensing options. On the hardware side, Deposy has access to three different components. Waste bin sensors and adaptors expand the scope to Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas).

White Label Solution

The Deposy apps will be available as a White Label solution for interested organizations.

About Deposy

With cutting-edge technology, Deposy aims to improve the effectiveness of environmental and climate protection. E.g. the system gives plastic products an ID that is retained throughout the entire value chain, right down to the waste product. This turns waste into smart waste. Our goal is to establish a deposit return system, digitize the circular economy, and provide producers, authorities, and waste management companies with tools to meet the new requirements. Users will be given an active role through incentives.

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