Redefining Plastic Waste With a Smart Deposit Return System

Deposy is an innovative deposit return system (DRS) and a new way to handle plastic waste. State-of-the-art technology makes more effective environmental and climate protection possible. The Deposy system combines a product ID with payment flows based on Distributed Ledger Technology. It supports the implementation of cycle economies with cutting-edge technology.

Current recycling could be more effective.

To reduce the global flood of plastic waste, recycling has an important role to play. The Deposy system uses state-of-the-art technology such as IOTA to take recycling to a new level (What is IOTA?).

Consumers don’t separate their waste appropriately. They either end up in normal household waste or are even disposed of directly in the environment. For example, the handling of the Dual System in Germany could work better if the waste was collected by type. Plastic waste is a global problem. In many countries there is hardly any infrastructure for collection and recycling. The Deposy deposit return system is an innovative solution for this.

A digital product ID is the solution

The Deposy solution, developed by BIOTA e.V., is based on a product ID as an application of a Distributed Ledger Technology of the latest generation. It combines a secure and decentralized data transfer with a financial transfer without transaction costs (see graphic).

This enables companies and local authorities to carry out a wide range of tasks efficiently and transparently, i.e. also verifiably. With the help of this product ID, information of a complete value-added chain can be securely displayed. Plastic waste can be turned into smart plastic waste. It’s properties can be called up at any time from production to recycling.

Application examples of this innovative technology

Proof of origin – traceability back to the raw material

Product Carbon Footprint – Balance sheet of greenhouse gas emissions along the entire life cycle of a product.

Deposit systems – Deposit systems that can both sort and pay out deposits based on the product ID. The Deposy system is an example for this.

Waste management systems – Waste disposal according to demand and technologically supported optimization of disposal routes and reduction of sorting costs.

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International deposit return systems in comparison

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The Supply Chain Act is intended to ensure standards

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