Redefining Plastic Waste With a Smart Deposit System

Deposy is a deposit system with an innovative approach to waste management. Cutting-edge technology enables a better protection of our climate and environment. Deposy is a system with a positive social impact in communities as well as in global use.

Current recycling could be more effective.

To reduce the global flood of plastic waste, recycling has an important role to play. The Deposy system uses state-of-the-art technology such as IOTA to take recycling to a new level (What is IOTA?).

Consumers don’t separate their waste appropiately. They either end up in normal household waste or are even disposed of directly in the environment. For example, the handling of the Dual System in Germany could work better if the waste was collected by type. Plastic waste is a global problem. In many countries there is hardly any infrastructure for collection and recycling.

The biggest problem is thoughtless throwing away.

Up to 17% of the rubbish lying around on the streets and green areas is disposable, according to a consumer centre. This is not only ugly, but also expensive. Examples show that many public institutions spent a lot of money on collecting cups last year. Not enough consumers are motivated to separate their trash.

The Deposy Solution: Motivation for Recycling

Deposy offers an incentive to hand over the used packaging. An additional deposit is levied on the purchase of a product equipped with a special QR code. After use, it can be returned to a deposit machine. Whoever returns it receives the deposit e.g. as IOTA payment on his wallet (digital wallet). The amount can also be paid to his account in local currency via cooperation partners.

Deposy Team

Sustainable protection of ecosystems and the climate fuels us. The diversity of our skills match up perfectly to work towards this goal.


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