As a registered association BIOTA e.V. issues certificates based on the Tangle

The BIOTA e.V. has been registered as an association in Germany a few weeks ago. Since then it is officially the organisation behind the Deposy project. Companies and private persons who would like to support this project with a supporting membership will receive a digital certificate issued by the association. The BIOTA Association issues these certificates, where the messages are safely deposited in the tangle, to companies and private individuals who are committed to environmental and climate protection.

deposy certificate

The general purpose of BIOTA e.V. is the promotion of applications in the field of new technologies which contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate. We aim to achieve this through:

  • Promotion of the development of prototypes
  • Education in the corporate, public and private sector
  • Events and demonstrations
  • Cooperations with other clubs and associations
  • Supporting its members in all questions concerning the use of new technologies
  • Representation of interests in the sense of the use of new technologies in applications for the protection of the climate and the environment in the fields of politics, administration, science, economy and in the public

The current main project of the association is Deposy, which is short for “deposit system“. The targeted outcome is purely sorted plastic waste as well as giving an incentive for collecting and sorting it. In this way, this system can contribute to less plastic waste in the environment and to a higher recycling rate and thus to a reuse of plastic. In the ideal case, the result is a significant reduction of CO2, the reduction of microplastics in rivers, lakes and oceans and, through certain incentives, an additional source of income for the population.

Interested companies or persons have different possibilities to support the new association BIOTA e.V. and thus the Deposy project. One option is a supporting membership, which secures regular income for BIOTA e.V.. Project-accompanying donations and grants are of course welcome as well.

BIOTA e.V. has created a digital certificate for sponsors, which companies and private individuals who are committed to environmental protection can receive. If certificates are digital, they are often exposed to fraud. Digital certificates can be copied and edited, which affects their authenticity and credibility. To prove that a certificate is authentic, credible and unalterable, the information can be added to the tangle.

BIOTA e.V. will use this to make sustaining memberships more attractive for companies and private individuals who are committed to environmental protection. A certificate will be issued for this group and the special messages will be stored immutably on the Tangle. To prove its authenticity, it is sufficient to scan the QR code or to enter the hash displayed at the end of the document via

Take a look at the first certificate from Deposy.

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