Deposy Publishes Roadmap

The Deposy project is flanked by working groups and interdisciplinary collaborations. The roadmap now published shows the most important milestones in the development of the Deposy system for next year.

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Deposy is an innovative deposit system for plastic waste based on the Distributed Ledger Technology, which was created by the German BIOTA e.V.. Besides the important building blocks for the “product identity”, software and hardware integration are the focus of this roadmap. 

In addition, work is planned for the construction of permanodes and the Deposy server. The system is to be evaluated and optimized with a first prototype of the deposit machine starting in the middle of next year. Subsequently, the first testbeds will go into operation. This roadmap is based on the condition of secured financing.  BIOTA e.V. aims to secure through it through support programmes, donations, membership fees and support memberships.

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Deposy Roadmap

We are happy about the fact that we have already received first requests for testbeds. We can use these to test the deposit system in a practical way. One inquiry is from the event sector and a second inquiry from the field of plastic cups in a large educational institution. We would be pleased about further requests for testbeds. This test phase will be accompanied by experts from the field of waste management.

A project-accompanying working group will be set up next year. This group will consist of representatives from recycling companies, plastics manufacturers and politicians. Some interested companies from the fields of waste management, blockchain and DLT have already asked to participate.  The aim is for this group to accompany the progress of the project and to contribute experience and knowledge. Thus the systems can be developed directly from the start practically and with the best technology. The Deposy System can only benefit from such interdisciplinary cooperation. We have already received commitments from a number of important stakeholders. Others will be contacted or are welcome to contact us. This group will also evaluate the technical, economic, legal and institutional issues that need to be addressed in order to develop a circular model for plastics. At the beginning of next year we will announce the composition of this working group.

The Deposy project will be monitored scientifically. We are working with the WZL of the RWTH Aachen University on a grant application. The WZL is a great partner because for decades it has been synonymous worldwide with successful and forward-looking research and innovation. In six research areas, basic research projects as well as research projects geared to the requirements of industry are carried out. Furthermore, WZL together with WZL-Spin-off senseering GmbH is the founder and operator of the Industrial IOTA Lab Aachen (IILA). WZL and IILA therefore have the necessary scientific and practical requirements for this project.

We want to make rapid progress with the points on this roadmap and ensure an exchange of experience with many learning processes. The Deposy deposit system has model character and can serve as a template for many other systems in the future. Of course, it is most suitable for systems where sorting by type is important. Examples would be the collection of paper cups for paper recycling but also battery collections or the like. This system is also suitable not only for disposable waste but also for reusable collections.

The product identity created with this system can serve as a model for many other products where important properties need to be stored safely. With the implementation of our unique QR code in conjunction with Distributed Ledger technology (without transaction fees), products become smart products and waste becomes smart waste.

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