New technologies open up the possibilities for great change. We want to seize this opportunity and promote environmental and climate protection with our projects. Here you will find current information and further information about our topics and projects

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    Sustainability with the help of new technologies

    The BIOTA association develops a digital product ID solution that can support companies and municipalities in achieving their sustainability and decarbonization goals as well as proof of origin…

    Tackle plastic waste with IOTA

    In September 2019 an association was founded, which is called Biota e.V. (Association for Bio, Environmental and Climate Protection Tangle Applications) with the goal of reducing the flood of plastic waste worldwide. The amount of plastic waste on the planet is constantly increasing and, in addition to negative environmental influences, is now also affecting the health of many people. The current main project of the association runs under the name ‘Deposy

    Press Coverage

    IOTA based project Deposy moves from concept to test phase

    German association using IOTA DLT to incentivize plastic recycling

    Environmentalists and blockchain developers unite to create smart plastic recycling

    HelloIOTA Focus 004: Deposy #IOTA