Our Team

Our team has a strong motivation to succeed. Interdisciplinary cooperation is our strength. Our positive attitude combined with creativity contributes to the solution of many problems.

With his own eyes, Markus Gebhardt saw in Asia in the summer of 2019 what it means when the problem with plastic waste escalates. He reflected on this and sketched out his idea of a more effective way of dealing with plastic waste. Through this first scheme, the other team members approached Markus.

In particular, the assessment of the potential of distributed ledger technologies in connection with climate and environmental protection has brought us together as a team.  We are all people with different abilities and talents and have decided to work interdisciplinarily on the project Deposy and the BIOTA e.V.. There is a lot of knowledge in our team. For example, we are engineers, developers, project managers, electronics specialists and sustainability experts.

Markus Gebhardt

As an engineer, new technologies have interested me a long time. I hink the possibilities of distributed ledger technologies in the field of climate and environmental protection are fantastic. That’s why I’m involved with BIOTA e.V. and Deposy.


Oliver Hanstein

In the summer of 2019 in Asia, plastic bags floated next to me in the waves. That triggered numerous thinking processes. As a web designer, graphic designer and SEO (search engine optimizer) I ask myself every day how I can make things better. With the capabilities of IOTA, a real improvement in waste management is possible.