Product Identity with Deposy and Cooperation with Omoku and Lidbot

Deposy will be more than a pure deposit system, which is used to avoid plastic waste. With this system, a whole series of other important information could be mapped. Our developers are working on the implementation of a Product Identity on basis of IOTA, which can become increasingly important in the future.

Deposy and the Ecological Footprint

The Ecological Footprint plays an increasingly important role for many companies as well as consumers. In particular the carbon footprint of a product is becoming more and more important in our world. With our Deposy system we are able to capture and provide plastic with a product identity on the Tangle. This allows the Deposy system to map the entire chain from manufacturing to collection by the recycler.

Why is this important? The production of plastic is very energy intensive. One ton of plastic releases about 4 tons of CO2. When using recycled plastic, only about half of the CO2 is released. Our product identity system can record and store how much CO2 was released for the production of a plastic cup (for example). By recording in our machine, the recycler can directly read which amount of CO2 characterizes the content of the machine. That’s exactly the value that will be needed in the future, in a CO2 avoidance system.

We have already solved many things and can rely on them. Nonetheless there are many open tasks. With regard to the overall system we also focus on cooperations, because some things have already been worked out by other players. Although there are no ready-made solutions, we cooperate with partners to put things into practice.

Cooperation with Lidbot on Sensors

In regards to the sensors for our machine we have a technical cooperation with Lidbot. We work together to master the tasks related on this level. We have in mind that with our system, the recycler receives a signal when the vending machine is filled. In the next step he can accurately pick up the sorted plastic. Lidbot’s solution can play a valuable role here because Lidbot sends you alerts when your waste and recycling bins are full.

Lidbot instantly turns any bin into a smart one and is connected in over 120 countries without routers, gateways or added infrastructure.

Gateaway Cooperation with Omoku

Our system will contain two ways to pay out at the deposit return . The first option is, which of course is obvious in a system based on IOTA, is the feeless payout in the IOTA Wallet. But that is not the only option we provide. Not every user will have an IOTA wallet and so we will provide as a further option a deposit payment based on the local currency (for example Euro). For this we have found a cooperation partner with Omoku who develops such a solution. There are still many questions to be answered of course.

Omoku offers the direct purchase and sale of the crypto currency IOTA against the FIAT currency Euro. With the focus on IOTA they integrate the special features of IOTA into their Exchange Service.

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