Deposy Cooperation between eGreen Limited and BIOTA e.V.

BIOTA e.V. and eGreen limited agreed on a cooperation regarding the introduction of the innovative deposit system Deposy in Great Britain and Chile. With this cooperation both partners want to explore the market for Deposy together, agree industrial partnerships and set up test systems.

Deposy Cooperation Biota Egreen

The UK company eGreen Limited and its Chilean subsidiary eGreen Chile Spa. are committed to developing and implementing technologies to track the carbon footprint of large companies and to developing business models to reduce and offset these emissions. This fits very well with the objectives of the BIOTA e.V. association, which also promotes the application of new technologies, especially Distributed Ledger Technologies, which contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate. From now on, both partners want to work together on the application possibilities of Deposy in Great Britain and Chile so that testbeds can be created there in the future, together with the industry.

Deposy can bring great benefits in these markets because the UK has similar recycling requirements to Europe and therefore companies have a responsibility to promote recycling. In Chile, too, a new law on the environmental responsibility of producers has been passed. A number of specific rules and recycling quotas are currently under discussion. But here too, companies are obliged to recycle a percentage of their plastics, glass, paper and electronics.

The Deposy project starts exactly there, because with this project BIOTA e.V. wants to introduce a new way of collecting plastic waste or rare materials directly from the consumer. The idea behind this is that the end consumer is given an incentive to collect and that recycling costs are reduced by sorting the waste into pure types, directly in the machine or at the recycler. In this way, more “valuable waste” is added to the recycling process. The innovative deposit system Deposy can thus contribute in the future, in cooperation with industry, to better maintain and track recycling quotas.

eGreen limited has extensive experience in the implementation of innovative environmental technology and knows the markets and market players in the UK and Chile, making the company an ideal partner to help Deposy move forward.

Markus Gebhardt, chairman of the BIOTA e.V. board, says

“Environmental and climate protection are global problems and should also be thought of globally. This is why the cooperation with eGreen Limited is so valuable in order to have a direct view on further promising markets”.

The managing director of eGreen Limited, Andres Gonzalez, is looking forward to the cooperation.

“Especially in Chile, due to the new legislation, many companies are faced with the task of setting up new processes with regard to the circular economy. Deposy can be an approach to involve the population positively in the process and to document the recycling in a traceable way.

About the BIOTA e.V.

BIOTA e.V. promotes the application of new technologies, especially Distributed Ledger Technology, which contribute to the protection of the environment and climate, especially by supporting the development of prototypes and education in the corporate, public and private sector. The current main project of the association is Deposy, the innovative deposit system based on a digital product ID.

About eGreen Limited

eGreen Limited is a UK company and 100% owner of eGreen Chile Spa. Both companies are committed to the development and implementation of technologies to track the carbon footprint of large companies and to develop business models to reduce and offset emissions. eGreen has developed several technological tools based on mobile applications. Here the user of the applications is part of the solution to the environmental problems of companies or communities.

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